About the site

Hexed Pixels functions as my pixel art and doll gallery.


My very first site (in the late 90s) was a cyber pet adoption site hosted on Geocities. Being an animal lover and artist it was no wonder I stumbled upon the community of pixel art and cyber pets. 😏

Some time in 2001-2002 I moved away from the cyber pets and created a more personal website with info about me and my life in addition to pixel art.

In early 2005 I bought my first own domain, CyanSunrise.com. In 2009 I switched domain to RockWitch.net.

In January 2015 I changed my domain name again to ImaginaryKarin.com, and in August 2022 I decided to give my pixel art and dolls its own site. Still under the same domain name, just with its own direction and flavour.