About me

Hej! πŸ‘‹ My name is Karin and I live in a small rural village in northern Sweden. I work as a web developer and love drawing and making pixel art in my spare time.

If you want to know more about me as a person I suggest visiting my blog and personal site Imaginary Karin. πŸ§™β€β™€οΈ

pixel doll portrait of me

About the site

Hexed Pixels functions as my pixel art and doll gallery.

Tech and credits

This site is built with self-hosted WordPress and a custom theme made by me. I write the code in Visual Studio Code and upload the files to my webhost with Filezilla.

For a more extensive list of the tools I use, you can check out the /uses page on my personal website.


My very first site (in the late 90s) was a cyber pet adoption site hosted on Geocities. Being an animal lover and artist it was no wonder I stumbled upon the community of pixel art and cyber pets. 😏

Some time in 2001-2002 I moved away from the cyber pets and created a more personal website with info about me and my life in addition to pixel art.

In early 2005 I bought my first own domain, CyanSunrise.com. In 2009 I switched domain to RockWitch.net.

In January 2015 I changed my domain name again to ImaginaryKarin.com, and in August 2022 I decided to give my pixel art and dolls its own site. Still under the same domain name, just with its own direction and flavour.

In July of 2023 I decided the name I had chosen, IK Pixels, was too dull to live with and changed it to Hexed Pixels instead. A much cooler name if you ask me.
Later that year, in August 2023, I caved to my urges and purchased the domain name hexedpixels.com. And here we are now πŸ™‚

All updates to the site can be found in the updates archive.

Past name and url

IK Pixels (pixels.imaginarykarin.com)

Past layouts

1 – First

The site was first called IK Pixels so the very first header/logo had that instead of the current name. The witch’s hat in the header is animated on hover. You can see the hat and Twitter bird on their own on this page.

2 – Hatty

Just a rework of the first layout really. I changed the name of the site so needed to redo the header, which turned into a whole new header in the end.